Computer Repair Services

PC in need of repair? We’ll help you. Contact us when you have a computer or technical issue and we’ll solve it. Anything from Virus Removal, Laptop Screen Replacement and all other Computer Services. We cover the whole of Adelaide, and best of all we can fix most problems in a single visit.

When required, a backup will be taken before any work is carried out.  This will be kept for 14 days from computer collection.

Do you have random POP UP problems?

Pop up ads are a common problem on all computers. We get rid of these annoying infections and put measures in place to stop them for future. We’ll install antivirus software that protects you against spyware, adware and malware, or update what you have licensed and check that all relevant windows updates and patches are up to date.

Computer not as fast as it used to be?

If your computer PC is running slower than it used to, it’s probably got many issued that our PC Tune up Service will solve. Old installations, old printers not used, registry and startup issues, unused file clean and old driver issues. If you just need more speed then SSD upgrade options are great. You won’t believe it is the same machine.

Noisy Computer or Laptop?

All computers and laptops have a cooling system, some more sophisticated than others which suck air through to keep it cool. You will be surprised how quickly the heatsinks and filters clog with dust and hair thus making your system more noisy and less efficient. This will lead to ceased cooling fans, overheating and potentially cooking your CPU or GPU. Then it is a more costly repair. Bring your computer or laptop for an inspection or book it in for our PC Tune Up service

Laptop Screen or Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Are you in that unfortunate position where you are in need of a laptop screen replacement? Whether it is a standard screen or touch screen. Whether it has been dropped or or sat on by the kids, it can be replaced. Both with 1 year warranty. Give iRepair PC Adelaide a call and we can give you a no obligation free quote.

Data Recovery

Has your computer or laptop failed to boot? Have you got a broken or unreadable USB Flash drive with important documents or memorable photos you don’t want to lose? We have recovered important memories and files for past clients that had been turned away by other computer repairers. Give us a try.

This store is still under testing. Online Orders will not be fulfilled. Email/Call us and we can order any of these parts for you manually. Thanks