Data Recovery Adelaide


When you realise that your computer, mobile device or USB Drive has failed, it can be a horrible feeling. We understand how important your data is and know how desperately you need it recovered. No matter what and how it happened, the data is still there. It’s our job to access that data again.

Data recovery falls in to two recovery options.

  • The first is software recovery option which is the technique that we and all other computer repair stores will try. Our tools have had an extremely good success rate. Where our past clients were handed devices back with a “sorry, we can’t help”, they have been successful with us.
  • The second is recovery through the use of a clean room laboratory environment with the use of sophisticated tools and expertise to enable recovery from the simplest to the most serious kinds of damage. Hardware Engineering to physically “fix” the drive to a point where they can extract the data from it. This type of recovery comes at an extremely high cost.

What to do for a better success of data recovery is do not attempt yourself. Each time information is written to the device it is rewriting over what you have already lost burying your information deeper and deeper.

Do not use the device, unplug or turn off and contact us for recovery assistance.

As we do with all backup and recovery services, we keep a copy for 14 days of collection for that added safety of not losing that data.


data recovery adelaide