Computer & Laptop Repair Insurance Reports


Accidents happen and insurance companies require a report to enable you to make a claim on your device. That’s where iRepair PC Adelaide come in. Below are the common insurance reports we have successfully done but if you are covered for other reasons then we can assist with a report.

  • Water Damage
  • Accidental Damage
  • Malicious Damage
  • Transit Damage (damaged by courier or in baggage whilst on travels)

It is a very simple process. Bring us the desktop computer, laptop or device that requires the insurance report and we will investigate and test for a fee (normally covered by the insurance company) then we provide you with a professional detailed insurance report.

What we will do, especially the laptops is to disassemble the device, check and test each suspected faulty or damaged part whilst taking photos for reference and obtaining part numbers for pricing of replacement internal parts if required. This helps us get a more accurate estimate for your insurance company.

Data Recovery

If the computer or laptop that is faulty and your insurance company approves a replacement device for you, then remember your data on the faulty laptop or computer can be recovered. Your insurance company may request this to be sent to them and you may never have access to it again as it will be disposed of. Whilst we have the device in our possession we can perform our data recovery process for you so you do not lose those precious memories or important work documents.

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