Laptop Battery Replacement


Laptop batteries can start to show signs of less battery life and irregular charging patterns from one year onwards. The earlier laptops had the battery external to the laptop where easily changed by unclipping and putting a new one on. These days the majority have the battery inside the laptop meaning the bottom side case with all the electronics needs to be opened up to access. This will be very daunting for a lot of people and understandably as there are a lot of fine components, wires, connectors etc inside. If you don’t have the correct case opening tools you may not only damage the case cosmetically or physically but risk snapping cable and fine connectors costing more.  

Why choose iRepair PC Adelaide for your laptop battery replacement?

We have done many battery replacements as you can see on our social media channels. Also, with regularly doing laptop repairs we are in continual contact with our suppliers nationally and internationally. Having multiple suppliers gives us better prices and availability meaning you have your repair done sooner and returned to you. Every effort to keep your data safe from accidental loss has always been one of our key focal points.

  • National and international suppliers
  • Every effort is made to protect your data
  • If we can’t repair, we don’t charge.

If your laptop is suffering from other power related issues to do with the DC Power Jack or a motherboard fault find (electronic fault find) then we will advise then as soon as possible. Check out our laptop repairs page for more of our services.