Laptop Case Repair

Laptop case repairs can be required due to all sorts of circumstances, whether the laptop was dropped, stepped on, rough handling or a poorly designed product causing the case to be broken. All recommendation point to having the repair done sooner rather than later. The case will only deteriorate from there causing further problems and just adding to the cost. The laptop case is vital as it keeps everything together and in its proper place allowing its proper use. Laptop parts such as DC Power Jack, Hinges, USB ports can move and come loose with potential screws free moving around any electronic components causing drastic failure. At iRepair PC Adelaide we do not use glue as this can only add to the problems internally and glues are just not strong enough to hold and support the problem area.

Why choose iRepair PC Adelaide for your laptop case repair?

iRepair PC Adelaide has carried out many laptop case repairs and replacements as demonstrated on our social media channels. Now having dealt with so many laptop repairs, we have built a repour with multiple suppliers nationally as well as internationally. On most occasions the laptop needs to be disassembled to find the piece part number to make sure the correct laptop part is sourced. This we regularly do successfully do by next business day meaning you can be using your repaired laptop again sooner than you realised. When carrying out laptop case repairs we make sure that your hard drive or solid state drive is taken out first and put to the side to ensure that and data safety.

  • Every effort is made to protect your data
  • We don’t use glues
  • If we can’t repair, we don’t charge
  • National and international suppliers

Being such a large range of laptop brands and models there can be a vast difference in price and availability of some laptop parts. In some circumstances the part is expensive or unobtainable where there is the option to do a professional insurance report for you enabling you to make an insurance claim.