Laptop DC Power Jack Replacement


Do you have a problem with your laptop not charging and are unable to check whether it is the DC Power Jack or the adapter? We have the tools to check what the problem is and normally can give you an answer straight away. The possible problems being on the power adapter are broken lead near the plug or the power adapter itself has failed internally. Either of those require a new adapter to be purchased. The DC Jack problem can be inside the connector has broken not carrying power, the soldering to the motherboard or the wires have broken inside the laptop on the other variety of DC power jack. This requires the laptop to be disassembled to varying levels to access the faulty part to test. Once determined which part is faulty then we can quote accurately, order and repair. If testing all those points and if there is power to the motherboard then an electronic fault find process will be required. Not having these types of power issues checked means you won’t be able to use your device as it can’t be powered or charged. If it can currently be charged, then that faulty connection will soon fail. 

Why choose iRepair PC Adelaide for your DC power jack replacement?

We replace laptop power jack assemblies for all brands of laptop. We do most repairs in-house, so you don’t have to drive all over town or searching the internet for the correct parts. As with all our computer repair services, we take priority in keeping your data safe.

Replacement parts to the same quality the manufacturers use and normally can be sourced and ready to repair your laptop by the next day.

  • We ensure your data is safe
  • If we can’t source or repair, then we don’t charge
  • National and international suppliers

So, if you’ve got potential DC Power jack problem or any other laptop problems needing repairing then try us out. Contact us now.

dc power jack replacement