Laptop Hinge Repair

Laptop hinge mechanisms are in fact very strong and hardly ever have an issue. The LCD case arm of the laptop hinge however can break causing a weak point in the mount points on the top side case as it is opened and closed all the time, then breaking. The bottom side hinge mounts are generally a lot stronger as there is at least one of the screws going through the case and hinge. Their weakness comes from being damaged or when screws come loose or fall out. So normally, when a laptop hinge repair is required either the bottom side case or the lcd top case are also required.  Therefor when the case needs repair then all the internal parts of that part of the case need to be removed and added to the new case. If it’s the bottom side case then remember the majority of the laptop parts are in this case.

Why choose iRepair PC Adelaide for your laptop hinge repair?

Regularly working on laptop repairs, we know that keeping your data safe it of utmost importance. Your data drive is removed first where possible and put aside making sure it’s safe. We do not use glues to try and stick critical parts. That only causes future issues and the strength required at the hinge mounts is far beyond what the glue can hold. We regularly repair and replace laptop hinges and cases and have multiple suppliers to get the best price and availability.

  • Every effort is made to protect your data
  • No glues used on critical parts
  • If we can’t repair, we don’t charge
  • National and international suppliers

The newer convertible fully rotating hinge types are a little different to repair. These are all touch screen devices where the most of the screens are glued and sealed in place. This means if the LCD or touch screen are not broken then the majority of those will potentially be broken removing the screen to gain access to the motherboard and internal parts. In this situation doing a professional insurance report may be a better option to make claim.