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iRepair PC Adelaide specialises in all areas and brands of Laptop Repairs (except Apple) and we have seen all the problems associated with a broken laptop. By far our most common repair is the LCD screen replacement or touchscreen replacement, but other common laptop repairs are the hinge repair and case repair. Apart from that the other services of the electronics type repair are DC Power Jack, USB Ports, water damage and motherboard fault find. The majority of these problems are worth being looked at right away as they can only lead to further problems and increased costs.

These are the general types laptop repairs we do.

Laptop Screen Replacement – LCD and touchscreen replacements are normally carried out due to accidental damage however they can fail. If your display has failed then a quick way to check this is plug in an external monitor.

Laptop Battery Replacement – Laptop batteries can start to show signs of deterioration after roughly 1 year. Older devices had the battery clip in external to the laptop. The more recent and slimmer laptop devices have internal batteries. We can supply and fit both.

Laptop Case Repair – The majority of the case repairs we see are the screw mount points around the hinges. Most cases can be sourced and replaced.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement – Keyboards have a variety of methods of replacing. These methods are clip out from the top externally, screwed in or plastic welded from the top side internally then there are screwed or plastic welded behind the motherboard and other electronics. We can all of these methods.

Laptop DC Power Jack Replacement – The DC jack come in different shapes and sizes, majority round, the past few years has seen USB Type A type look and now there are the USB Type C. They are either soldered to the motherboard or plug in via a connector on cable.

Laptop USB Ports – Normally the plastic insert in the port breaks allowing the power and data pins to connect causing shorts. These are soldered to the motherboard or on a small daughter board.

Laptop Fans – The cooling fan either need replacing or cleaning. Replacement due to becoming loose on the spindle and noisy. Cleaning as the fan and heatsinks can get clogged with dust, fur and broken laptop case plastics. The other signs of a noisy fan is the thermal paste between the CPU & GPU are dry and need cleaning and repasting.

Motherboard repair and fault find – After normal fault find of memory, hard drive and power related issues etc don’t solve the problem then a motherboard fault find process will be required.

Laptop Hinge Repair – The hinge itself is not normally the issue as they are more than strong enough, they do sometimes tighten up causing the screw mount points to break requiring case repair or the arms on the hinge can snap making the screen side mount points to break requiring top side case repair. Very common in the left hand side of the Acer.

Virus Removal – Virus, spyware, malware etc can easily be removed with a variety of tools and methods.

HDD Changeover/upgrade – Upgrading to newer technology keeps your device running quicker and you avoid the frustration or waiting. The laptops these days have multiple HDD, SSD, and M.2 SSD options. Reinstall windows or clone the setup you have.

Data Recovery – We can do data recovery on failing hard drives and solid state drives from your laptop or your external backup drives or USB flash drives.

Why choose iRepair PC Adelaide for your laptop repairs?

We have been repairing laptops for many years and have connections with a number of national and international suppliers giving us faster supply of laptop parts at cheaper prices. We go to every effort to protect your data as to us that is the most important of all. We will not glue critical parts to cover up repairs. If we can’t source the part then we won’t patch it up. Glues just do not have the strength to hold some parts in place.

  • Every effort made to protect your data
  • Glues not used on critical parts
  • If we can’t fix, we won’t charge
  • National and international suppliers

There are so many variables to parts that sometimes for whatever reason parts are not available or cannot be sourced. Therefore if the option is available for you to make an insurance claim then we can do you a professional insurance report. This is always covered by the insurance company as they need this report to process the claim.

For more information or prices on repairing your laptop then give us a call or send us a message. Details are on our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you promptly with prices.

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