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iRepair PC Adelaide specialises in all areas and brands of Laptop Repairs and we have seen all the problems associated with a broken laptop. By far our most common repair is the LCD screen replacement or touchscreen replacement, but another common laptop repairs are the hinge repair and case repair. Apart from that the other services of the electronics type repair are DC Power Jack, USB Ports, water damage and motherboard fault find. The majority of these problems are worth being looked at right away as they can only lead to further problems and increased costs.

These are the types laptop repairs we do.

In regards to the pricing process, just giving us the model no in most cases will not enable any repairer to give you an accurate price. Each part in your laptop is associated to that specific brand, model and series which can make so many variables.

Why choose iRepair PC Adelaide for your laptop repairs?

We have been repairing laptops for many years and have connections with a number of national and international suppliers giving us faster supply of laptop parts at cheaper prices. We go to every effort to protect your data as to us that is the most important of all. We will not glue critical parts to cover up repairs. If we can’t source the part then we won’t patch it up. Glues just do not have the strength to hold some parts in place.

  • Every effort made to protect your data
  • Glues not used on critical parts
  • If we can’t fix, we won’t charge
  • National and international suppliers

As mentioned above there are so many variables to parts that sometimes for whatever reason parts are not available or cannot be sourced. Therefore if the option is available for you to make an insurance claim then we can do you a professional insurance report. This is always covered by the insurance company as they need this report to process the claim.

For more information or prices on repairing your laptop then give us a call or send us a message. Details are on our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you promptly with prices.

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