PC Tune Up


Does your laptop or desktop computer start up really slow? Is it making more noise than it used to? With this PC Tune Up we will go over your computer or laptop looking at all the usual suspect problems like random pop-ups, noisy rattling fans, dusty overheating system, boot up problems and driver issues. Programs, printers and hardware that have been uninstalled or removed leave files in the system drastically slowing it down. We will update to the latest windows updates and including your antivirus program keeping you secure.

This service includes the following:

  • Adware etc
  • Registry File Clean
  • Temporary File Removal
  • Unused Programs Uninstall
  • Windows Updates Check and Update
  • Rectify Booting or Driver Issues
  • Dust Blowout and Clean
  • Recommend any hardware upgrades, tech advice

This¬†service can also be purchased as a gift for the family member or friend that can’t live without their beloved computer.

** Any hardware repairs are not included in the standard PC Tune Up price **

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