Laptop Keyboard Replacement


 Do you suffer from keyboard issue on your laptop? Common problems are some keys coming off or some keys now not working. From our experiences this can be caused by a number of things, keys can come off due to poor design with excessive use or accidental damage. Not working can be caused by crumbs and pet hair or the drink spill causing the contacts to not work anymore. Most keyboards are made of multiple layers of plastics and conductive inks making the internal touchpads for keys. If have patience and fine tools some keys can be clipped back and not cause future keyboard problems. The rest will require a laptop keyboard replacement which is another way we can help you. All brands and models are different. Some pop out the top side of the laptop resulting in a relatively fast turnaround, others require all the laptop electronic internals to come out as the keyboard is between the top side case and those parts. This results in a more involved process and care. Some are screwed in and others are plastic welded in place.

Why choose iRepair PC Adelaide for your laptop keyboard replacement?

Many keyboard replacements have taken place by us before meaning we are experienced in what we do. We take pride in our work and like all jobs we make every effort to keep your data safe from loss. Being a laptop repairer for a long time we have many national and international suppliers meaning better price and availability for those harder to source, more unique laptops.

  • National and international suppliers
  • Every effort is made to protect your data
  • If we can’t repair, we don’t charge.

So if you are in need of a keyboard replacement or other laptop services then contact us for your laptop repair.

** TIP – If you have work for urgent completion then connecting a USB keyboard can get you out of trouble. It may not be convenient, but it will work.