Terms & Conditions 

Quotation & Inspection Fees

iRepair PC Adelaide will charge a standard quotation or inspection fee in order to obtain correct information of your laptop/desktop computer and other devices for the purpose of quoting and obtaining correct replacement parts or giving an accurate diagnosis of the fault. This may include some disassembly of the supplied device or software type interrogation. This fee is generally waived if the repair service is carried out otherwise the fee stands.

Payment Terms

Residential clients will pay for services and or parts before purchased items or repaired items are taken from our premises unless otherwise agreed on.

Business clients will have Seven (7) days to make payment.

If at any point a third party debt collection agency is required, the customer will be liable for any additional fees in iRepair PC Adelaide recovering its costs on that service.

Online Store

Multiple payment options are presented (Credit Card, Paypal, Afterpay & Invoice) which all require payment before items are despatched. 

Email or phone orders will be invoiced where the Credit card or Bank transfer payments must be made before items are despactched or if pickup options have been agreed to cash payment can be made on pickup.  

Abandoned Computers, Devices and other parts.

Any Computers, Laptops, Devices or parts that are not collected within Thirty (30) days will be disposed of by manner at our discretion.


Data Loss – Whilst every effort is made to not lose or damage client collected data/files, from time to time destructive natured viruses and other hardware failures will cause this loss of data. Therefore iRepair PC Adelaide or its staff will not be liable for such losses. It is the customer’s responsibility to have their own data backed up.

Additional Accessories and devices – Additional accessories and devices connected to the faulty equipment are not required by iRepair PC Adelaide unless we deem necessary. Therefore we will take no responsibility for its damage or being misplaced.

Business Services – iRepair PC Adelaide and its staff will not be liable to any customer relating to interruption of business, loss of income/revenue due to downtime of equipment.

Warranty & returns


The following warranties apply. As soon as a problem or fault is noticed iRepair PC Adelaide must be made aware. Any interrogation or manipulation by a third party will void these warranties.

  • 7 days for software repairs.
  • 90 days for specified hardware repairs.
  • 12 months for screen replacements and hard drive replacements.
  • All other store products are as per manufacturer warranty


20% Restocking fee will apply, unless otherwise advised (min. re-stocking charge of $15inc GST)

No credits will be given to stock that has been assembled, or is not in new condition.

No software returns due to piracy issues.


No unlicensed, illegal versions or not the legitimate owner of the software will be installed by iRepair PC Adelaide or its staff. If the customer requires such software to be installed on the computer or device then license keys must be made available or such software or later version of that software will be purchased.

Onsite services

Even though we have had DCSI background checks and are cleared to work with children, an adult of eighteen (18) years of age or above must be present where services are carried out onsite. If this is not met then our service will not be carried out. In this case a call out fee will be charged.