In the below couple of email images I have tried to point out ways for you to spot illegitimate emails that are only out to harm you in one way or another. Scam or phishing emails to either infect your computer or gain access to your accounts and steal login details. In the paypal image we have highlighted the From: address that is not paypal. This email clearly wants your login details. DO NOT CLICK on the link highlighted as login to your Paypal Account. Hover your mouse cursor over that link and it will show the actual link to where that will either record your login details or install something nasty on your computer. Your virus software will more than likely not save you.


Again in the second email image from Telstra the From: address is not Telstra. This one is set to have you intrigued to click around as you have the potential credit awaiting you. The extra “0” doesn’t look correct. All the links looked legitimate in this particular email however you the scammers want you to open that attached document with my red cross beside it. Clicking that will load something harmful to your system.


IF you do need to login to your accounts to confirm whatever it is that you are concerned about then safest way is to open your web browser and type in the address yourself. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK IN THE EMAIL.

However if you are already infected or have computer problems then contact us and we’ll gladly help.